Electric windows playing up?

Are you thinking this is going to cost mega bucks to fix?

Hmmm, perhaps not....If you are lucky.

The 9-5 does from time to time suffer from electric windows gremlins, one minute they work, then the next one or more packs up leading owners to think that the switch pack has failed & then spending lots of money on a new one when all that could be needed is a quick clean of the contacts in the old one, so here is an easy quick fix before you go shelling out mega bucks on other parts that may not be needed.

So, heres the switch pack in situ.

 The best way to get it out is to remove the coin holder above the switch.

 & then pop the switch pack out from behind with ones fingers.

 Then press in the tab on the wiring plug & pull the wiring plug downwards, its sort of hindged so it swings down & then just pulls out.

 Then take it indoors & warm it up abit as the plastic is very thin & it will break if you try to open the switch pack up when its cold.

 Here are the clips/lugs that told the top & bottom pieces to the body of the switch.

 With a screwdriver its easy enough to prise the two plastic parts away from the switch body leaving you with this.

 Then you need to remove the switches by popping them upwards with a screwdriver.

 Then press the innards downwards & the complete switch PCB falls out of the bottom.

 There are 4 square clear plastic rockers that the switches fit over & these just pop out giving perfect access to the metal contacts.

 The metal contacts just lift out so you can clean all contact areas with some white spirits & cotton buds.

 Mine were black (the pics were taken after I'd cleaned them all up) with dirt, fluff & all kinds of crud. I cleaned all 4 & put it all back together & refitted it to the car...BINGO.
All windows working as they should.

 So, if all has gone to plan you could have saved yourself a fortune.  :wink:

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