I have received quite a few emails from fellow 9-5 owners showing an intrest in my various sports exhausts & asking me if I can forward any info & a video clip or audio file of how it sounds.

I was quite shocked by the amount of intrest my exhausts have received, so I decided to  upload a couple of videos to Youtube & add a page to my website with all the info & some pictures.




These are the beasts I used for my first go on The Black One!

Two Magnex sports rear boxes with a 6 X 4 inch oval tailpipe.



Mounting brackets cost £25 each at my local motorfactors & are ones for a BMW 5 series, thats the only type I could find that had the mounting points in the correct place to fit the 9-5 without bending or cutting anything, a perfect fit for the 9-5's exhaust hangers, obviously the O/S one will require a couple of holes drilling in the boot floor to mount its bracket but thats no problem.


These Magnex rear boxes usually retail at around the £100 each mark at most motor factors & car accessory shops but I have seen them cheaper on various websites.

One of mine was supplied by Motormaina & the other was found at Larkspeed in Leeds.

Both came to less than £100.

Fitting is dead easy, I used some lengths of 2.5 inch flexi pipe, not the nicest stuff to work with as it doesnt like being cut by hand, & it also doesnt like being crushed with exhaust clamps.



First thing on the agenda was to remove the rear box, trim the center pipe so a Y-piece would fit under the rear subframe.

This was only ever going to be a trial fit to see if the noise level was going to be too high & if there might be any problems with the bigger boxes & tubing banging against the underside of the car, so it was pointless spending silly amounts of money on stainless tubing, bends & getting it all welded up if I wasnt happy with the end result.

As it turned out I was more than happy!

I intended to use the correct exhaust paste at the two joints but when I opened the tin it had gone off & was rock hard. I had some Loctite 518 left over from the sump clean & this did a great job of sealing the joints.

So thats the flexi tube in place, sealed & clamped just need to hang the two rear boxes & line them up, then cut out the plastic bumper trim above the O/S one.

Yep, I liked that, they sounded lovely & didnt look to bad, a bit bulky though so now it was time to get serious, the tune up would require & 3 inch downpipe & a sports cat,  no problem as Nev offered to sell me his JT one, so that was collected from the SOC National in Bath & fitted, then the center box was removed & replaced with a 3 inch stainless tube. I used the original Y-piece & got the lads at Powerflow in Telford to make up the bendy piece to finish off the center section for me.

So that just left me with the horrible flexi tube (which had started to rust by now) & the bulky back boxes.

I managed to find a pair of brand new Cobra twin tailpipe rear boxes going cheap in Walsall, much smaller than the Magnex ones so I thought they would look better.

I bought them, then nipped over the road to MIJ Performance Exhausts & got them to make up the tubing to replace the flexi pipe, add some proper hangers & weld it all up for me. Top job they did of it too, I was very chuffed with their work.

It wasnt long after the engine threw a wobbler & The Black One was parked up, the whole exhaust system was dropped & fitted to the silver Aero as it seemed such a waste to leave it sitting on the drive after all that hard work.....Plus the Aeros exhaust was blocked at the cat & needed replacing anyway. 

Heres the complete system so you can see the JT downpipe & the great job MIJ did on the rear tubes & welds.

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